Our main products:

ChangeRes (Now with D2009 support)

With ChangeRes you can change the (version) information in a .res (resource) file from the commandline or a batchfile. It can be useful in using batchfile building of (Delphi) projects. (more info)

DUnit: Show in IDE (New)

With the Show in IDE extension you can use one double click to find the location of a DUnit testmethod or failure. (more info)

Assert for DUnit

With Assert for DUnit you can use the (NUnit) Assert syntax in DUnit unit tests. (more info)

CB4 Tables (Discontinued)

CB4 Tables is a wrapper for using Sequiter's CodeBasein Delphi (or C++Builder or Kylix) as easily as the BDE. CB4 Tables is developed to be compatible with Delphi's TTable. CB4 Tables has also some extra functionality like smart recognition of expression tags and better scrollbar support for DBGrids. (more info)

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