Try CB4 Tables

NOTE: you need to have CodeBase from Sequiter to be able to use CB4 Tables!

If you want to try CB4 Tables you can download a trial version of CB4 Tables v2.00 that works only if Delphi, Kylix or C++Builder is running.

This trial version can only be used by C++Builder 5 and 6, Delphi 5-2005 with CodeBase 6.3 and higher and Kylix 1 - 3 with CodeBase (6.52) for Kylix.

The trial versions are build and tested with the most recent versions of the IDE's. So apply update packs if you haven't already done that! (for example for Delphi 2005 it's build with Update Pack#1)

For the trial version of CB4 Tables 2.0 you can choose from 2 packages: 

The older v1.80 is also available for users that need the Delphi 3, 4 or C++Builder 3 functionality:

Please make sure to unzip using long filenames!

Please try CB4 Tables and if you have questions or suggestion or you didn't succeed in installing don't hesitate to let us know and mail us.