Short manual of ChangeRes

ChangeRes is a command line utility that allows you to change the contents of a .res (resource) file.

It can be useful in using batch building of (Delphi) projects.


 ChangeRes Filename (-U) (-F Filename) ([VERSIONINFO]) Settings

From version 1.3 and higher the [VERSIONINFO] part is optional, if it is not included it presumes that you mean versioninfo.

The settings can be one of the following:


 ChangeRes Project1.res -U [VERSIONINFO] FileVersion= ProductVersion= \StringFileInfo\\CompanyName=MyCompany

 ChangeRes Project1.res FileVersion=...+1/s FileDate=20030301010203

 ChangeRes Project1 -U ProductVersion=.yyddd.0.0/s

 ChangeRes Project1 -U -F VersionInfo.ini

Example of VersionInfo.ini:



You can only change VersionInfo parts (yet) of win32 executables and libraries with ChangeRes


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