TCB4Database Info

A TCB4Table can work in cooperation with a TCB4Database. It handles connections to the Server in a C/S configurations and provides an easy way to change between different database directories. It is comparable to the TDatabase of Delphi.

In Delphi/C++Builder 5 and higher and in Kylix, TCB4Database is a descendant of TCustomConnection. For an explanation of the properties and methods of TCB4Database see the BDE's TDatabase.

Compatible with TDatabase

procedure Close;
procedure Commit;
procedure Rollback;
procedure StartTransaction;

property InTransaction: Boolean
property Connected: Boolean;
property DatabaseName: string;
property DataSetCount:Integer;
property DataSets[Index: Integer]: TDataSet
property LoginPrompt: Boolean;
property OnAfterConnect;
property OnAfterDisconnect;
property OnBeforeConnect;
property OnBeforeDisconnect;
property OnLogin: TDatabaseLoginEvent;

Different from TDatabase

property CBCODE4: CODE4;
property Params: TStrings; - Extra params: 'SERVER NAME', 'PROCESS ID' and 'DesignTablePath';

Extra in TDatabase

property IndexPath: string; - Path for index files
property TablePath: string; - Path for table files
property DatabaseType: TCB4DatabaseType; - Gives on runtime the type of the CodeBase DLL that's being used. Values are: dtCB4Unknown, dtCB4Foxpro, dtCB4Clipper, dtCB4dBase

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