CB4 Tables

Using CodeBase instead of the BDE

CB4Tables support is discontinued
Because of there being almost no requests anymore for CB4Tables, the products support has been cancelled. You can still order it however if you need it. You will get the product and it's source code, but you won't get any support or updates anymore

First of all you probably want to know what is CB4 Tables?

CB4 Tables version 2.0 (here is a press release) can be used in Delphi 5 - 2005, C++Builder 5 - 6 with CodeBase 6.3 and higher and Kylix 1 - 3 with CodeBase (6.52) for Kylix

You can buy CB4 Tables version 2.0 (with source code) from € 65 (euro). See our order page for all available editions and their prices

More information on how to order can be found here. A trial version is also available.

Beta The version of CB4 Tables for Delphi 2006 is currently in beta. Contact us for more info.


Information about CodeBase can be found at www.codebase.com
Information about Delphi, Kylix and C++Builder can be found at www.borland.com
For information about other BDE replacements see: www.kylecordes.com