ChangeResby Tiriss

Change the .res resource files of your (Delphi) project

New in latest version: 1.4

Existing customers can contact us for info on their free upgrade.

Why ChangeRes?

If you want to change the version information in a .res (resource) file of your Delphi (win32) or C++Builder project, but you don't want the hassle of compiling .rc files. Or you just want to do it in a batch file: use the easy way, use ChangeRes!

Simply do on a command prompt or in a batch file:

 ChangeRes Project.res [VERSIONINFO] FileVersion=1.2.+1.*

And the FileVersion of your Project.res is updated! And if you are building Delphi or C++Builder executables it can update the options file (.dof, .bdsproj, dproj or .bpk) for you too! Not only the FileVersion can be updated but other version properties also.

For a complete overview for it's possibilities, see here for a short manual.
There is also info on using ChangeRes with MSBuild in Delphi 2007/2009.

You can buy ChangeRes for € 25 (euro) for a single user license, or € 99 (euro) for a site license.

(A single user license can be used by 1 person on multiple computers or on 1 computer by multiple persons.
A site license can be used by all persons/computers on 1 site (location) of a company.)

But of course you can try it out first, just download the trial which is a time limited version that works for 30 days (This trial version is also included on Delphi 2009 Partner DVD!).

If you find bugs or if you want to have more information: e-mail us